Nolywé Delannon, HEC Montréal

    About Nolywé

    Nolywé entered HEC Montréal joint Ph.D. program in January, 2011 and specializes in Management. She holds a Research Master’s degree in Political Science from Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne (2006) as well as a DESS in Management and Sustainable Development from HEC Montréal (2009). As regards her work experience, she has worked as a parliamentary assistant in Paris during 2 years and participated in several research projects in community relations and sustainability for Rio Tinto Alcan. She also took part in a study of the community relations practices of 21 firms implemented in Québec, which was conducted by Acertys Relations Citoyennes with the partnership of HEC Montréal and the Conseil patronal de l’environnement du Québec.


    PhD Project

    Corporate Social Responsibility as a Lever for Local Development: Shaping, Negotiation and Implementation


    Nolywé's research is focused on the articulation between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the implementation of local development strategies. Existing literature seldom assesses the practices of CSR in the light of their integration into long-term development strategies of a particular region. Yet, it is becoming widely accepted that partnerships and collaborations with salient stakeholders (Mitchell et al., 1997) are a promising – although demanding – avenue for CSR, by facilitating the building of social capital and trust, and by encouraging the search for innovative solutions to wide social issues (Andriof & Waddock, 2002; Bowen et al., 2010).

    How does a company with a significant economic weight in a region engage in collaborations with salient stakeholders with the objective of contributing to local development strategies? What are the facilitating conditions to the emergence of CSR practices directed at local development? More precisely, this research proposes to unveil the conditions under which such CSR practices are shaped, negotiated and finally implemented.



    Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Raufflet, HEC Montréal


    Publications and conferences



    Delannon, N., J. Bénard, Isabelle Verreault et Emmanuel Raufflet (2011). "Que font les entreprises en matière de relations avec les communautés?" Gestion 36(2): 29-38.


    Delannon, N., J. Bénard, et al. (Oct. 2010). Etude des pratiques des entreprises avec leurs communautés de proximité au Québec. Montréal, Acertys Relations citoyennes, HEC Montréal, Conseil Patronal de l'Environnement du Québec.




    nolywé.delannon [at] doctoral-academy [dot] net