Anethe Sandve, University of Stavanger

    About Anethe

    Anethe Sandve holds a Master in International Hospitality and Tourism Management and a Bachelor in Hospitality Management from the University of Stavanger, Norway. Additionally she got a Post Graduate Diploma in Tourism from Otago University, New Zealand. 


    She is now a PhD candidate at the Management Program at the University of Stavanger, Norway. In her PhD, Anethe is focusing on decison-making processes and corporate social responsibility. 


    PhD project


    Decision-making processes and corporate social responsibility.


    The aim of this PhD - research is to examine the decision-making processes of owners/managers in the Norwegian hospitality industry (SMEs) towards corporate social responsibility (CSR) using social cognitive theories and theories on ethical decision-making. 


    Research on attitude-behavior relation is believed to be a suitable theory for investigating these decision-making processes. A theoretical framework incorporating ideas from attitude-behavior research together with ethical decision-making is therefore being employed. 


    A quantitative survey design has been chosen for the study with scenarios included in the questionnaires. The scenarios will be used to measure the respondents’ thought processes toward CSR. A procedure adapted from Moreau and Dahl (2005) will be employed. First the scenarios will be presented for the respondents, immediately afterwards they are asked to explain in detail what they had though of while making their decisions. With the protocols being recorded immediately after the scenario presentation, it is hoped to minimize problems with loss if memory. 




    Prof. Dr. Torvald Øgaard, University of Stavanger


    Publications and conferences




    The 2nd Nordic Symposium on CSR on at Copenhagen Business School, June 2011. Presentation on PhD research, 'Decision-making processes and CSR'. 


    EASY-ECO Conference, Brussels, Belgium, November 2010. 'Is Norway prepared for an evaluation of their sustainable tourism policy initiative, or do the only think they are?'"



    anethe.sandve [at] doctoral-academy [dot] net