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    About Dominik 

    Dominik Rüede works currently as a research assistant and doctoral candidate in the Competence Center for Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship at EBS Business School. He holds a diploma degree in business administration and economics from University of Hohenheim and studied abroad at York University (Toronto). During his studies he worked through internships and part-time jobs for companies (sectors: banking, chemicals, consulting) in their CSR and Sustainability Departments. Beside his studies he served as a board member for sneep, the German Student Network for Ethics in Economics and Practice.





    PhD project

    Legitimacy of businesses-nonprofits partnerships


    Partnerships between businesses and nonprofits have received increased attention in academia and practice during the last twenty years. Up to now research on legitimacy in cross-sector social partnerships (CSSP) has been conducted from the perspective of the participating organizations with the organization as the unit of analysis. Research questions from this perspective include: “How can CSSP enhance an organizations’ legitimacy?” and “What factors create risks for an organizations’ legitimacy?”
    This research refocuses the perspective and analyzes the legitimacy of the CSSP itself. The main research question is: "How do cross-sector partnerships legitimize themselves over time?" and is positioned in institutional theory.
    The motivation to do so results from growing demands of cross-sector social partnerships to justify their practices.
    The methodological approach is a case study design. Findings are expected to show the dynamics of a CSSP over time and the interplay of internal and external aspects.




    Prof. Dr. Ansgar Richter, EBS Business School

    Prof. Dr. Karin Kreutzer, EBS Business School





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