Florian Krause, Leibniz University Hannover

    About Florian

    Florian studied economics and philosophy at the University of Trier. During his studies, he was active in the students' union on various levels and worked as teaching and research assistant for Professors of Business-Studies, Philosophy and Economics. Since finishing his first final degree (Diplom-Volkswirt) in 2010 he has worked as lecturer at the University of Trier and from October 2011 at the Leibniz University of Hannover. 








    PhD project

    Rationality in corporate decision making from the perspective of Philippa Foot's moral philosophy - A new approach to business ethics

    Florian´s thesis aims to show that an economistic interpretation of rationality in business is neither theoretically nor empirically feasible. For this, he critically discusses the theoretical background of current business ethics from the point of view of moral philosopher Philippa Foot. In addition, he seeks to conduct qualitative interviews with corporative actors in order to identify the respondents' rationales for their business decisions. With this research, he aims to show the relevance and adaptability of Foot's point of view in business ethics.






    Prof. Dr. Axel Haunschild, Leibniz University Hannover




    Publications and conferences




    Jent,N.; Vedder, G.; Krause, F. (Hrsg.): Zur Verbreitung von Diversity Management, München und Mering, 2010.


    Göbel, L; Vedder, G; Krause, F. (Hrsg.): Fallstudien zum Diversity Management, München und Mering, 2011.


    upcoming: Krause, F.; Haunschild, A: Die Moraltheorie Philippa Foots – Einführung und Implikationen für die Personalethik, in: Kaiser, S.; Kozica, A. (Hrsg.): Ethik im Personalmanagement – Zentrale Konzepte, Ansätze und Fragestellungen, 2011.




    florian.krause [at] doctoral-academy [dot] net